I have the same problem, Which one to use

Viki Meadows

Everyone tells me that as an author I must have a ‘platform’. Apparently this is something I must have regardless of whether I end up being self-published or published by a third party.

Oh my God! Where do I start?Featured image

They tell me that I need to generate a following on social media sites.

Phew- not so bad then. I don’t need a degree in marketing. Hmmm! Where does one start though?

There are so many social media sites. How do you choose? What are you supposed to post about? Well, don’t look at me- I don’t have any answers. What I do have is a quick, non-comprehensive and very personal overview of the sites that I have ended up part of through luck more than design.

Facebook: Yay! I really ‘get’ this site. I find it intuitive and easy to use. I love the ease with which you…

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