Over years some topics have spontaneously turned into special fan favorite series here on Women’s Tennis Blog and John Bolan’s pre-season year-end Top 10 ranking predictions have definitely acquired that status. This year we’re actually celebrating fifth straight year (half a decade!) of our friend’s WTA forecasts. As always, John is inviting all of you to join him in the comments and if at the end of 2015 your Top 10 standings turn out to be the most accurate, John will award you with an autograph of one of your favorite WTA players. Comments received by January 1st, 2015 will be eligible for the prize.

Ana IvanovicFor many years, I have made the Top 10 end-of-year predictions, but 2015 has been the most difficult. The 2014 rankings had six players just a win or two away from being a member of the Top 10. The top player was not decided until the WTA Finals in Singapore. Four players in the Top 10 had less than 200 points separating them. A perennial Top 10 player was injured for the majority of the year and must be considered in 2015’s standings.

My first step, the logical part, was to choose the players to be considered Top 10 material for 2015. I chose the 2014 16 highest-ranked players plus the injured, Victoria Azarenka, and the best rising young player, Garbine Muguruza. I considered these 18 players as finalists.

– See more at: http://www.womenstennisblog.com/2014/12/16/are-you-a-good-tennis-predictor-join-john-bolan-in-his-2015-wta-year-end-rankings-forecast-and-win-a-wta-player-autograph/#sthash.YMR0hSAu.dpuf

Are you a good tennis predictor? Join John Bolan in his 2015 WTA year-end rankings forecast and win a WTA player autograph.


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